Success Stories

Patient Testimonies:

 I just wanted to say how thankful I am for finding Dr. Dyhr. After convincing myself that my lower back would just "go away" and I would "deal with it", I got to the point that this pain was effecting my everyday activities in life. It was keeping me from doing the things I loved to do.  Hindsight is certainly 20/20, and after just a single visit, Dr. Dyhr was able to take so much of the pain away. After appx. half of my prescribed visits, I was simply amazed at the level of flexibility and painless hours I had. I think what helped the most was how he identified the problem and gave me the information and tools I needed to correct what I was doing to create my ill situation. 
I'm proud to say that 2 visits from my last scheduled appointment that I am feeling better than I have in over 2 years. I'm not 100%, but I am easily in the 90% range. I find myself doing activities that I do not even begin to factor my back pain into. Whereas before, it was my main and sometimes only concern. Thank you Dr. Dyhr. I was very skeptical going into this, but I am firm believer and now full supporter of Chiropractic.       T.B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Dyhr's over the past 4-years, primarily for back and neck adjustments. I lead an active life even though I have degenerative arthritis in more joints than I care to mention. I have found that Dr. Dyhr's comprehensive approach to my aches and pains has allowed me to function at a much greater capacity. Most recently, I sought relief for chronic lower back pain. During my treatment sessions, I mentioned that I had been seen for an orthopedic evaluation of my right shoulder. I informed him that I had declined a surgical procedure that had been recommended. He asked that I bring the diagnostic evaluation to my next session. He explained exactly what was happening with my shoulder, that the shoulder blade anchored to the spine putting stress on the ribs. He proceeded to make an adjustment on this visit. I felt relief immediately following the first adjustment. My range of motion has improved with each succeeding follow up session and the pain has been greatly reduced. I am a prime example of someone who might have ended up in surgery with less relief, and possibly more complications.             J.R.

After several years of chiropractic care to address a continous loss of flexibility in my neck met with limited success, I found Dr. Dyhr at Lenoir City Chiropractic. In August of 2008, Dr. Dyhr started me on a series of treatments/ adjustments and recommended a neck exercise program. Through the program, I have regained 70% flexibility in my neck and now participate in activities once abandoned because of my neck problem.  J.D.

I was in a bad car accident and I didn't know that I should get my spine and neck checked out. They didn't hurt so I didn't see what could have happened but upon a couple x-rays and some range of motion checks, I found out that I had a case of whiplash. Without the caring of the office staff and Dr. Dyhr, I wouldn't have addressed the hidden issue. It could have been a life altering condition but Dr. Dyhr was right there when I needed him.   J.F.

Thank God for getting me to Dr. Dyhr. On Jan. 20, 2007 I had an automobile accident and needed an MRI on my neck and back. The medical doctor I went to said I would need two brackets and rods in my back. I was to be at the hospital ready for surgery at 5:00 a.m. the next day. However, my daughter who is an RN in San Antonio, TX said to come there to get a second opinion. She made an appointment at the Texas Spine Institute. The doctor there told me I would need 3 brackets and rods, and he also explained the risks involved with this kind of surgery. I was not comfortable with the thought of surgery, and by God's will met Dr. Dyhr. He looked at my MRI and realized surgery may not be needed. He was confident that with his experience as a chiropractor, he could relieve my pain. With periodic adjustments, I began to see positive results. I have not had surgery, and I am virtually pain free. So I thank Dr. Dyhr for his knowledge and treatment, and I recommend him every chance I get.  D.K.