Josh has 17 years of experience and is a 2nd generation therapist. Josh's father, Roy, has been a therapist for 35+ years and is still working in North Carolina. Together they worked with professional sports teams in Tallahassee, FL (Tigersharks-Minor League Hockey and Scorpions-Soccer). In addition to sports massage, Josh has experience in medical massage, myofascial release technique, and his favorite is deep tissue.

"I am so greatfull to have such a rewarding profession. It's a wonderful feeling when you see your clients quality of life improve and how I helped them achieve it.

Josh is has been happily married for 14 years with one daughter and two dogs.

Josh Bamfield, LMT, CTA

"Before becoming an LMT, RCR, I received my first massage. It felt great and it was the experience that confirmed my decision to become a Massage Therapist. I am a believer in the power of touch to break the cycle of aches and pain. My hope is to continue to benefit others I touch and they prosper in good health."

Gloria graduated in 2007 as an LMT, RCR. She is experienced in Reflexology and Myofascial Tissue Release.

Gloria Hansen, LMT, CTA

Massage Therapy is beneficial in Chiropractic treatments as it allows the muscles to relax which provides an easier adjustment. The benefits of Massage, are numerous. Lenoir City Chiropractic has 3 amazing therapists that have been in the industry for many years. We are proud to have them on staff.